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achievements in sc2

There are 100s of achievements in StarCraft 2. Do you want to get them all? each of them has different method to get. So if you really want to achieve all the awards, you must know a couple of things.

First thing that you must understand is obtaining all the milestone in StarCraft 2 doesn't make your rank in your division go even further. It's just to make you gain more gaming experience in StarCraft 2 and not related with your rank in the game.

Some missions on the game campaign have chance to get an achievement. In common, the objective you need to accomplish to acquire them is by killing a specific number of opponent targets, protect one important unit or complete a certain mission with specific difficulty setting. Some of them are easier to achieve, but some are very difficult.

The most difficult one is an objective that you need to accomplish by winning an AI match. The difficulty level may vary from normal to extreme. To achieve all of these milestones in the game will depend on your skill, you may not able to do this if you play without the perfect strategies.

The most dreamed awards in StarCraft 2 are the Quick Match achievements. If you want to achieve this one, you need to win a bunch of quick matches with certain race. For example, you will get the Marine portrait if you win 10 quick matches with Terran race or you can receive the Marauder portrait if you win 25 quick matches.

As you know, there are many different milestones in StarCraft 2 to obtain. Each of them has different level of difficulty. But, you can learn to get all the milestones easily. If you want to learn this, it is highly recommended for you to get Shokz StarCraft 2 strategy guide. This guide contains many strategies and tactics from the best StarCraft 2 players who achieve Diamond rank.

Inside the guide you will get step by step tutorial how to get all achievements in StarCraft 2, discover secret strategy for each race in the game, how to master each unit, how to play in campaign mode like a pro and the perfect build order for each race. All of this will be explained using detailed videos and instructions.

Do you want to get all the achievements and get Diamond rank in StarCraft 2?

Get StarCraft 2 Strategy Guide If you really want to know how exactly this guide can help you:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Falling somewhat under the banner of a "Cheese" strategy, the Terran Reaper Rush is aimed at getting out Reapers as fast as possible and rushing your opponent's base to disrupt his economy line by harassing his workers, giving you the economic advantage as you progress into the later stages of the game. In certain cases, the strategy might even possibly win you the game if your opponent is of a significantly lower skill level and did not anticipate a rush due to negligent scouting on his part.

The Terran Reaper is a highly mobile unit and can outrun and outmaneuver many other tier 1 units in Starcraft 2 due to its cliff-jumping abilities and ranged attacks. Despite not being able to leap over direct barriers like enemy force fields or buildings, it nonetheless does not diminish their ability as an excellent scouting and raiding unit. It is unable to hit air units but is highly effective against basic tier 1 units like workers, zealots or zerglings.

This strategy is ideally used against a Protoss enemy as the reaper can outrun a zealot while Zerglings on creep are able to outpace a reaper. Construct both your Barracks and you Refinery at 10 supply and your first supply depot when your supply hits 11. At the same time, upgrade your barracks with a Tech Lab and your Command Centre to an Orbital Command. You can start pumping out Reapers the moment construction of the attached Tech Lab has completed. Speed is of the essence here and depending on the opponent you are up against, you may decide to either send your first reaper to harass once he's out or you can alternatively wait till you have a stable of about 2-3 Reaper before you dispatch them off to your opponent's base.

Once in his base, start focus firing his workers to cripple his economy. In the event he tries to subdue your Reaper by throwing all his workers at you, out micro those by maintaining your distance while making quick stops to return fire. A single reaper can take out 1 worker in just 3 shots which is relatively fast. You would have to retreat once his stalkers are out as they can catch up to a reaper or in the event of a highly successful rush, may effectively win you the game there and then if you additionally took out his offensive force as well as the Pylons powering his gateways, rendering him helpless.

Practice and experience is key here, as you have to decide whether to press on to take the victory or retreat your forces and transit your army into a mid-game build, commencing production of tier 2 or stronger units to add to your overall force.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Zerg rush is one of the fastest ways to end a game of Starcraft 2. Build a small tactical force of zerglings and rush your enemies base to catch them with their pants down. Not only the fastest way to victory but the fastest way to infamy. Most non Zerg players will hate you for using this tactic.

Although this Zerg strategy appears very simple at first glance it has some fine points to it. Ignore these and you won't get far with it.

Because you are going for a quick attack with your zerglings you are making some sacrifices to your home base defenses and your economy. If you don't get the most out of your zerg rush you are left in a very vulnerable position. You must have a fall back plan or you may wind up looking like a total dork.

This starcraft 2 zerg strategy should be viewed as a way to damage your enemies economy early in the game to give you an edge. But you don't want to just send your zerglings blindly rushing into the enemy base trying to take out the supply line. The basic worker units, Drones, Probes and SCV's can easily kill zerglings so you need to have control over your zergling army. Don't let them get surrounded.

Terran players usually block off their base and turn turtle. Break through the choke point, watch out for Marines and take them out. Remember hit and run. Take out units that can hurt you. Then cut off the money tree.

If a Protoss opponent gets a few Zealots out then you better start rethinking things and fall back to plan B. Maybe more of a harassing tactic to mess with their head. All the while popping more zerglings for a steady zerg rush of six at a time. If you can take out the Zealots then work on the Pylon that is powering the Gateway. Then destroy their supply line.

When facing a Zerg player you will most likely be battling Zerglings but you will need to scout. Get the Speedling upgrade as soon as possible to get the advantage.

If your Zerg rush is a success be ready for some abuse. Your opponent will probably be pissed at you for spoiling their fun. Don't worry if at the beginning of the game they try to set a bunch of time limit, no rush BS. Just rush any way. You're there to win. The races are evenly balanced overall and the Zerg have an early game advantage. Use it. Be aware that you will be exposing yourself to attack by having a weaker base and economy at first. All's fair in love and war and the Zerg got no love.

Monday, August 30, 2010

When it comes to trying to counter your opponent, we have the one stop shop for information to help you gain a big time advantage in the world of Starcraft 2. You just want to make sure you are starting now and creating a good opportunity for yourself, right?

Anyways, let's start on Starcraft 2 strategy so we can get you started.

Protoss Counter Strategy
I researched this like months before I even got the game. I'm like friggin obsessed with this game and I love those who are too.

Anyways, let's get started with this counter guide shall we? We aren't going to go over every single counter in the game (trust me, there's like thousands of different little variations.)

But we are going to give you the main ones so that you can counter successfully when you play next time!

So here are the Protoss counters vs. all other units!

Against Zerg:
Zerglings - Zealots, Colossi and High Templars
Queens - High Templars
Banelings - Stalkers with blink ability, Colossi, High Templars
Marauders - Immortals, Colossi, High Templar, and Void rays
Reapers - Zealots, Stalkers, & Colossi
Ghosts - High Templar & Phoenixes
Hellions - Use Stalkers and Colossi
Siege Tanks - Immortals, Phoenixes and Void Rays
Thors - Immortals, High Templar & Void Rays
Marines - Zealots, High Templar (Psi Storm) and Colossi

Of course this is just some of them, there are so many different mixes, variations, that you simply need a guide in which you can look up quickly and figure out a method in which to counter.

Starcraft 2 is a highly enjoyable game and just because it has been out for awhile, doesn't mean that you can't rise to the top very quickly; a lot of people need to learn fundamentals, and they just do not know it, so it's good that you're taking the time to do so!

Expert Terran, Zerg, Protoss build orders. Knowing each of these three races and their individual units including the unit's strengths, weaknesses, countering & detailed strategy for every single unit vs. every other unit is imperative to master Starcraft 2 Online.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

StarCraft 2 has been selling like hotcakes in the short time since it has been out. Just like the first game, victories are measured in speed and alertness coupled with a full and complete understanding of the game and the various StarCraft 2 tricks which are both unique to it and which are similar to the first game. To give you a head start over your competition, let's look at the best StarCraft 2 trick right now.

First, it's very important that you limit your focus to one race of the three. It doesn't matter which because each can be used effectively against any other race if you know what you're doing. The point is to not spread yourself too thin and instead practice and learn everything you can about one race so you can be most competitive rather than being just decent with all three which is a common mistake which a lot of players I've known have made and continue to make.

As an extension of this point, each race comes with their own units and buildings. This means that each race has their own set of build orders, as well, which is a very important StarCraft 2 trick to keep in mind. The build order is obviously the order in which you build up your base and forces and depending on what strategy you use your build order will differ accordingly. In other words, you likely create a different set of buildings and units if you're on point to launch an air attack versus an early rush or basic ground attack. By focusing on one race, you can learn how to most quickly and efficiently build whatever kind of units you want so that you can develop your attack quickly and effectively.

It's also important that you consult a StarCraft 2 trick guide but rather than the official guide which they sell in stores, you should look into getting an online guide or joining an online membership site. There are a lot of guides and sites springing up developed by professional players of the game including beta testers and top tournament players from around the world who've spent virtually every hour of every day since again was in beta mode and since it came out developing different unique StarCraft 2 trick and tricks with each race and unit. You won't find these latest tips from the official guide or anywhere else as these sites and online-based guides are able to constantly be updated.


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