Thursday, November 18, 2010

achievements in sc2

There are 100s of achievements in StarCraft 2. Do you want to get them all? each of them has different method to get. So if you really want to achieve all the awards, you must know a couple of things.

First thing that you must understand is obtaining all the milestone in StarCraft 2 doesn't make your rank in your division go even further. It's just to make you gain more gaming experience in StarCraft 2 and not related with your rank in the game.

Some missions on the game campaign have chance to get an achievement. In common, the objective you need to accomplish to acquire them is by killing a specific number of opponent targets, protect one important unit or complete a certain mission with specific difficulty setting. Some of them are easier to achieve, but some are very difficult.

The most difficult one is an objective that you need to accomplish by winning an AI match. The difficulty level may vary from normal to extreme. To achieve all of these milestones in the game will depend on your skill, you may not able to do this if you play without the perfect strategies.

The most dreamed awards in StarCraft 2 are the Quick Match achievements. If you want to achieve this one, you need to win a bunch of quick matches with certain race. For example, you will get the Marine portrait if you win 10 quick matches with Terran race or you can receive the Marauder portrait if you win 25 quick matches.

As you know, there are many different milestones in StarCraft 2 to obtain. Each of them has different level of difficulty. But, you can learn to get all the milestones easily. If you want to learn this, it is highly recommended for you to get Shokz StarCraft 2 strategy guide. This guide contains many strategies and tactics from the best StarCraft 2 players who achieve Diamond rank.

Inside the guide you will get step by step tutorial how to get all achievements in StarCraft 2, discover secret strategy for each race in the game, how to master each unit, how to play in campaign mode like a pro and the perfect build order for each race. All of this will be explained using detailed videos and instructions.

Do you want to get all the achievements and get Diamond rank in StarCraft 2?

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